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Mr Pike,let me help you!

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1 Mr Pike,let me help you! on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:24 pm


_Hi Mr Pike,noone has helped you to write a report to the bus station for your lost coat yet Let me help you .Don’t be so worried!
_Hello bus officer!I make this report with hope you can help Mr Pike find his lost coat which he left on the last bus yesterday.Let me give you a full description of the lost coat.It is a long thick green fur coat with woollen collar and is commonly considered as men’s coat ,but could be worn as a unisex coat, by both men and women.The size of the coat is measurements of the extra large (XL).The coat is made of 100% fur so it is durable yet soft to touch.It has a collar of double thickness which is made of good quailified lemon-coloured wool ,especially the collar is stood upright in Korean style. The coat has an unlined body and lined arms;four patch pockets are both sides,on the left and the right side of the coat; two deep lower patch pockets with grey buttons along the front.It also has six buttons to the front and buttons are on each side of lapels. Attached to the collar is Gucci label which says” Made in France by Gucci from 100% fur”.Inside the right hand pocket has tobacco pipe and lighter and the left inside has bundle of money.That’s all about Mr Pike’s lost coat.Please help him find the coat as soon as possible.Thank you!
_The coat which I have described already.Is that yours ?Mr Pike If not,I’m so sorry because I was thinking of my grandmother’s coat.Mr Pike

t]][lucky dễ thương][/b]

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2 Re: Mr Pike,let me help you! on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:31 pm

wow,amazingly,lucky ,but there is one thing made me wonder, how come a fur coat comes with a woollen collar? But I need to exclaim that : what a nice writing ! I may learn from lucky ! yay

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3 Re: Mr Pike,let me help you! on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:37 pm


êtt5757 Vậy cũng mặc được mà,miễn warm thôi!

[lucky dễ thương]

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