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Topic Writing

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1Topic Writing Empty Topic Writing Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:37 am


Topic Writing

People nowadays work hard to buy more things. This has made our lives generally more comfortable but many traditional values and customs have been lost and this is a pity.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
You should write at least 250 words.


Topic Writing WorkLifeBalance

In this work, I am going to reconstruct the sample
essay wring in my way. This is for the practice purpose and encouraged,
however should also you pay more efforts on other works of the writing
because the most crucial part is “Brain storming”.

Sample :

In our contemporary life, people are trying to earn as much money as they can to
buy more things. It is argued that these things have created a chance for people
to have a comfortable life. However, it is unfortunate that many traditional
values and customs have also been lost on the way. This essay will take a closer
look at the issue. (63 words)

There are some traditional values which are in danger of being lost. One of them
is the bond of the family. People in a family nowadays do not spend time having
lunch or dinner together. Most of the time is spent on working and studying in
order to acquire some social status. A delicious meal with the whole family is
being replaced by fast food, and hardly does every body in a family have enough
time to listen to each other. (81 words)

Some customs are also being lost because the majority of the young generation have
been focusing on lastest things. Music is a good example of this. while the elder
like listening to Cai Luong, the younger want to listen to pop, rock music. Some
of the adolescents even do not have any knowledge of Cai Luong. What this will
lead to is that Cai Luong will naturally not exist in the future. (71 words)

In conclusion, if the subject like ‘the value of protecting the cultural
identities’ is taught at both school and family, it will affect the young
generation and we still can have a comfortable life without losing any thing. (38


My writing:

After a while, I only can think of this introductory passage for the topic:

In current hectic business world, Everyone is busy as a bee earning
money for a more comfortable life. This trend is in alignment with the rising
needs of human society. However, It also brings in some drawbacks such
as the loss of traditional values and customs which have been existed
for centuries long.

In a society which is largely dependent on money, there will be less
place for loves between people. For instance, in a family of whose the
parents are working from dawn to dark making money, their children grow
up without dear care of the parents and may become indifferent or
isolated to other people. This would possibly create future generation
with wrongly shaped characteristics. Contact frequency would be the most
definite difference between the past and the present household, when in
the past, the whole family has more time spending together around a
dining table, watching TV in the living room or having fun in vacations.
The new trend of life has resulted in a malfunction for the family bond
when each member of its is busy making money or separated from the

In terms of custom erosion, it could be clearly seen that in the
bustling life, everything could be found in a grocery or supermarket.
People gradually abandon the conception of homemade or handmade things,
which belong to the many customs in the world. For example, in Vietnam
when the Lunar New Year’s Day comes, all family members gather to make
Chung cake (Chung: a Vietnamese name) as one of the specialties for the
occasion. Nowadays, Chung cake is readily available in the market so
that not many families keep practicing that as a custom.

To sum up, in today’s hectic world [b]a more caring society is probably what people are in need. If each individual is thoroughly aware of the current situation affects, they will play a good role in bringing back lost traditional values and customs. In this case, it could be a great responsibility for both schools and families toward a comfortable and cultured-rich society.

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