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Writing topic 2: Talents

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1Writing topic 2: Talents Empty Writing topic 2: Talents Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:40 pm


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Many people hold a common belief that talent is a gift of God, some people are born gifted while others are not. However, others think talented musicians, sportsmen or so forth could be resulted from good training and education. Personally, I support the idea that talent can be gained with training regardless of inborn factors.

Many people from their childhood shows great potentials to become talented people in domains such as music, sports, science. Nevertheless, If those talent germs are not well trained, they will unlikely to become fully bright stars in the fields. In some people, their talents stop to develop further when they reach a certain age. And at that level, their ability not yet reaches the highest possible level. And they are not becoming talented.

On the other hand, a number of people are born less talented yet receiving good orientation and training later become good musicians, sportsmen or so on. It is said that "What we know is just a drop in the bucket, and what we do not know is the sea,". This signifies the importance of training and education to everyone including talents. Many gifted people like Thomas Edison, Mozart, Einstein...undergo intensive training ether by themselves or teachers to be come great figures of all time.

Opponents of the idea also have some truths in their arguments. For instance, Einstein was the only scientist who have changed the world in his field with relative theory and the making of nuclear bomb meanwhile other famous scientists could not. This can only be counted for his gifted talent.

Though an inborn or trained talent should be treasured. In today's fast paced developing world, the training of more talents should be encouraged and practiced than just relying on inborn talents.

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