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My uncle Osama gonna take a singing competition!

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Hi everyone,Today I’m going to tell you something about my uncle Osama.Think what I gonna tell you now about him is not good at all. Promise me you won’t tell him that I tell you about this,ok?hehe

Ah ha,I’m pretty sure that you know who is uncle Osama.He is the owner of this forum where you all and I are now.But what is about him tonight? Wait a minute,

I tell you now .Be patient!You would know soon.hehe. As I told you already,he gonna take a singing competition with Vietnamese students in Korea where he is studying his master,but a master of what ,I don’t know hihi,anyway come back to our story about him,you know his singing is so bad really ,but I don’t know why he really loves singing ,and wants to win the prize ,it’s so surprising,isn’t it? I 'm myself so surprised also. He said to me that”my niece,lucky ,I need your help.You think which song I should choose for my competition!?! Can you suggest me some songs? Lucky”.You know I suggested him two song ,one names “drive myself crazy “and the other is “until you”.I listened his first song singing once,maybe a couple day ago.It’s soso ,that's what I could say.But he knew how put his emotion on the singing ,I think the girls wouldn’t help burst into flood of tears when they hear him singing ,I just guess.

Think I’m not good when I tell you bad thing about him,because he is my uncle,right? But I can’t stop my mouth ,hmm,hey you promised me you won’t tell anyone else about this,right?hihi

Well,anyway,we should wish good luck to him and his singing competition-my uncle Osama

[lucky dễ thương]

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OsamaHiep (chạy đâu cho thoát khỏi bomb) Vs Lucky (ôi biết thế mình đã không lỡ lời, Ước gì.... ) ^^

(*Lời tòa soạn: Hình ảnh trên chỉ mang tính minh họa cho bài viết, mong độc giả đừng có tưởng thật mà vớ bở,ehehehe)

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stop chasing me ,uncle Osama.I promise I won't do this again!

[lucky dễ thương]


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ahahahaha....This is funny!!! Osama into a singing competition???? Evil or Very Mad Not bad enough...ahahaha...opppssss....I heard him, too, lucky! And I bet he will be in the just guess which rank??? offense pls osama.... What a Face But its good to hear that ...come on Osama....break a leg....hehe... 😢

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you also think so !?!Miss birdy...that he sings terribly,right?

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