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Academic writing practice for IELTS-Task 1-Test 9

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My answer:

The chart shows the actual and estimated numbers of visitors to a new art gallery from 1990 to 2001 together with 3 events in the gallery’s life. Two pie charts illustrate how visitors rated the gallery in term of satisfaction in 1990 and 2001.

The most striking feature is that actual numbers exceeded estimated numbers by at least 1000 visitors. Except for the year 1992, one year after the director was sacked, all other period saw an upward trend in predicted numbers of 100 in average. By contrast, decrease and increase in actual number took turn to happen annually from its opening day in 1990 to 1995, by which a new shop was established. The actual number of visitors continued going up the following year when a new director was appointed, followed by a slight decline then grew steadily until reaching its peak of more than 3,000 visitors by 2001.

Te satisfaction rating illustrated in the pie charts in 1990 and 2001 reflected a positive trend with declining dissatisfaction rate and increasing this of satisfaction. By 1990, 30% of visitors were dissatisfied, while this figure rose significantly to 70% in 2001 when dissatisfaction rate accounted for 40%, dropping half from this in 1991.

Help me to check my writing please. Thank you!!!

Word count: 205

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ảnh bé quá AQ

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Oh bé àh, tại nguyên gốc là 2 trang, hix, sợ up lên khó nhìn, nên cho thành 1 trang cho nó logic êtr Thông cảm chịu khó nhìn tạm nhá êtr

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Aqua post nhìu bài wa trời. Very Happy Mà sao aqua viết dài vậy trời, task 1 người ta bảo minimum là 150 từ thì aqua chỉ viết 150 từ thui, viết dài quá hông có đủ thời gian đâu mà lại phải suy nghĩ nhìu nữa I love you

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Yup heo, nhưng mà aqua ko bít bỏ bớt như nào, để làn sau làm lại vậy êtr

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